an explanation

This is undoubtly a minimum viable product and it is a struggle for me to release this as it is, but I am learning.

the minimum viable product (MVP) is a product which has just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.[1] Gathering insights from an MVP is often less expensive than using a product with more features which increase costs and risk in the case where the product fails, for example due to incorrect assumptions.

At the same time there is a wonderful freedom in letting this go and knowing that I can tweak this site as I learn more. You see, I learn by doing. This site is my wonderful exercise in learning more about open source technology, open organizations, and the ways of agile.

But make no mistake I am not a developer, you certainly wouldn’t want to pay me hourly for my development skills. My skills favor communications, marketing, and government affairs. For over 18 months now I have been part of Friendly Code, a Code for America brigade based in Grand Rapids, MI. It is through the work of CfA and Friendly Code that I have learned new and exciting approaches to problem solving in the civic space.

More on all of this later, time to commit this.